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The Tradition
I have been quilting since the early 1980’s. I was very fortunate to have grown up with quilts. My grandmother was a quilter and passed along her love of quilting to me. I started out using commercial patterns and have progressed to designing my own patterns. I use a software program called Electric Quilt to help me design my quilts. I specialize in hand applique and hand quilting. I also make functional everyday quilts. These are the quilts that you want to snuggle under on a dreary day, or that a child cuddles up with. I put a lot of love and caring into every quilt that I make.

Wall hanging 24” x 24”, machine-pieced and all hand quilted.

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Wall hanging 34” x 34”, all hand quilted with trapunto relief.

The Procedure
Many hours of labor go into making a quilt. First I have to design it. Then I choose my fabrics. The fabrics then have to be prepared for the quilt. All of my fabrics (unless specified) are prewashed, dryed, and then ironed. Following my pattern and design, the fabric for the top is marked and cut out. This step usually takes quite a while as I always measure twice before I cut the fabric. The fabric is then pieced or appliqued to form the quilt top blocks. Sometimes a sashing is added between the blocks. The borders are then added to the top. After the quilt top is put together quilting designs are carefully chosen to enhance the quilt. Then the quilt top is marked for quilting.

The next step is to lay out the fabric for the back of the quilt, right side down. The batting is then laid on top of the backing. The quilt top is then put on top of the other two layers. The three layers are then basted together, and the quilting is begun. As you can see, many hours of labor go into making a quilt. A small machine-pieced and machine-quilted baby quilt may only take 15 or 20 hours while a queen size hand appliqued and hand quilted quilt can take hundreds of hours. A lot of attention to detail goes into every quilt that I make. I do this for a love of quilting and because I want to carry on the tradition that my ancestors handed down to me. The feeling of continuity and tradition is being passed on to the next generation.

Custom made quilts and accessories.

All items are made using the highest quality materials. Every item is made with the utmost care. All fabrics are prewashed 100% cotton, unless otherwise stated.

I use only 3 brands of batting (unless a customer requests a different kind to be used). The batting chosen depends upon the use of the final quilt.

The brands that I use are:
1. Mountain Mist: cotton, cotton blend, or polyester
2. Quilter’s Dream cotton: request loft. This a very thin batting that allows me to get the smallest hand quilting stitches that I can.
3. Fairfield: I use their polyester low loft batting.


  Pam giving a quilting demonstration